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5/17/18 - New information and fixes regarding pack activity, litter rolls, and mutations. (Read More)

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IC News
7/9/18 - Catharsis' first winter has taken hold, and so far, most of its residents seem to be taking it well. Valence Nation is still growing as long-lost family continue to find it and pups are born and raised behind its borders, but with the pack's vastness has come the price of hunger; how long and how large will they be able to grow safely? Opimae Temple, keeping to itself, seems to be doing well as it maintains small and manageable numbers that continue to hold strong. The Klein Empire has welcomed new lives to its lands, with Shiba giving birth to four girls, sired by the infamous Resigo fog; however, they seem to be suffering a similar hunger to Valence as they struggle with their ballooning numbers. Finally, Troves Haven is beginning to show signs of promise as it grows by one, two wolves, though so far its members have primarily been keeping to themselves, not unlike those of Opimae. So far no lives have been taken by the frost, but with herbs and prey no longer aplenty, it might only be a matter of time before wolves start dropping like flies--but who will fall remains uncertain.

6/23/18 - Just as the seasons change, the wolves within Catharsis do too. Valence Nation faces a change in leadership as the crown is passed to Quillon, and some lingering tension remains in the pack. Opimae Temple holds steady in small numbers, despite having lost a member or two over the season, and keep to themselves for the most part. Klein Empire has gone through a whirlwind of drama; from fights to changes in hierarchy, it now depends on Shiba to keep the Empire afloat. Troves Vale is recently established with Kitten founding the pack; though her numbers remain isolated to only her. With winter brewing on the rise... which packs will last to see the blissful season of Spring?

5/15/18 - As summer turns to fall, it seems as though the wolves of the land were not as lucky in their endevours with hunting. All the packs seem to have gone hungry, and times will only be tuogher as the seasons grow colder. Will the lands of Catharsis be able to sustain the growing number of wolves?
Winter of Year 1
The once gentle briskness of Autumn has eased into the now sharp cold of Winter. In some areas, snow falls sparsely, while in others it seems to come in thick blankets that only build upon one another. Life all around is difficult to come by, making hunting difficult and surroundings in general unpredictable. Whether they choose to brave the snow or hide away until better times arise, the wolves of Catharsis must all now combat this mutual enemy.

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  Klein Empire 5 8 13
  Troves Haven 2 1 3
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